About me

I’m currently a final year Ph.D. candidate (2020 Summer - Now) in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, advised by Dr. Fanny Ye. Before that, I received my B.S. and M.S. at Case Western Reserve University, supervised by Dr. Soumya Ray.

My research interest lies in graph machine learning, recommender systems, and natural language processing. I especially enjoy deriving graph learning solutions (simple, efficient, and effective) to solve real-world problems, such as product/friend recommendation, user behavior modeling, and question answering.

I will join Snap Research as a full-time research engineer, following my graduation next year. I will work in the User Modeling & Personalization team and continue my research on graph machine learning and recommender systems.


  • [2023.09] One first-authored paper about test-time augmentation for GNNs has been accepted to NeurIPS’23. See you in New Orleans.
  • [2023.09] I will serve as PCs for ICLR’24, WWW’24, SDM’24, and AAAI’24.
  • [2023.01] Three papers are accepted to ICLR’23! One first-authored one studies multi-task self-suerpvised graph learning. The others study large language models for QA and graph adversarial learning. Congrats to everyone involved!
  • [2022.11] One first-authored paper about graph adversarial attack has been accepted to AAAI’23.
  • [2022.10] One first-authored paper on open-domain question answering has been accepted to EMNLP’22. Big thanks to my collaborators and mentors!

Professional Experiences

Selected Publications

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  • GraphPatcher: Mitigating Degree Bias for Graph Neural Networks via Test-time Augmentation
    M. Ju, T. Zhao, W. Yu, N. Shah, Y. Ye
    NeurIPS 23 [pdf] [code]

  • Multi-task Self-supervised Graph Neural Networks Enable Stronger Task Generalization
    M. Ju, T. Zhao, Q. Wen, W. Yu, N. Shah, Y. Ye, C. Zhang
    ICLR 23 [pdf] [code]

  • Let Graph be the Go Board: Gradient-free Node Injection Attack for Graph Neural Networks via Reinforcement Learning
    M. Ju, Y. Fan, C. Zhang, Y. Ye
    AAAI 23 [pdf] [code]

  • Grape: Knowledge Graph Enhance Passage Reader for Open-domain Question Answering
    M. Ju*, W. Yu*, T. Zhao, C. Zhang, Y. Ye
    EMNLP 22 (Findings) [pdf] [code]

  • Adaptive Kernel Graph Neural Network
    M. Ju, S. Hou, Y. Fan, J. Zhao, Y. Ye, L. Zhao
    AAAI 22 [pdf] [code]

  • Heterogeneous Temporal Graph Neural Network
    Y. Fan, M. Ju, C. Zhang, Y. Ye
    SDM 22 [pdf] [code]

* stands for equal contribution.


  • Email: mju2 [at] nd [dot] edu
  • Office: 247 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
  • Location: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46565